Faces wearing masks

RMC is here to help get America back to work again.

Hi - Thank you for visiting! We hope you, your family and your coworkers are doing well and staying safe during these extraordinary times.

As we all learn to navigate the new normal, RMC remains committed to helping our clients "move forward" with their recruitment and staffing needs in any way we can.

We continue to offer our successful Open Houses, Virtual Interview programs, Ad Campaigns, and Resume Sourcing Packages. Along with these services, we are also constantly seeking new and innovative ways meet the evolving needs of the companies we partner with.

While our Multi-Company Career Fairs are currently on hold, we anxiously look forward to their return once it is prudent and safe to do so. During this temporary timeout, we’ll miss being able to interact face-to-face with all the recruiters we partner with and the wonderful candidates that attend these events.