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Don’t Be A Ghost

We have spoken with hundreds of recruiters from restaurant companies around the country and we hear the same complaint over and over. There are too many candidates ghosting / no-showing these days.  

In the past few years, the average no-show rates for interviews have increased significantly. Nearly half of the candidates that schedule an interview do not bother to show up, resulting in an enormous amount of wasted time and effort. 

Recruiters understand that candidates may accept another offer, have an emergency, or simply change their mind, but many candidates are not taking the time to relay those messages.  

You may think that this is only present in entry level interviews, but applicant ghosting is a problem for management and senior level roles as well.

Unfortunately, any applicant who no-shows is unlikely to be considered for any future positions with that company. Even if you have decided you are no longer interested in that specific company, that representative may move to another company of interest, and they may remember you as a no-show.   

Keep in mind that this shift in attendance also means that your odds of being hired have increased tremendously if you actually do show up for an interview.

Our advice to all job seekers: If you cannot make it to an appointment, or if you have missed your appointment, reach out to let the interviewer know. They are a person too and a courtesy call, text or email goes a long way.