The Restaurant Industry vs. COVID-19

Closed restaurant

The restaurant industry has changed drastically as a result of the virus and shut-downs. In the past 3 months, 5.9 million restaurant jobs have been lost. Thousands of locations have shuttered, not only local eateries, but also huge chains and established restaurant groups. The restaurant industry has proven to be flexible and able to adapt to continuous changes, but now faces an unprecedented challenge to bounce back.

Restaurant owners are struggling to find a new normal in an unfamiliar environment and uncertain economy. They are working to re-open dining rooms and navigate a higher demand for take-out and delivery. There is no clear picture of what normal will look like in the future. What we do know is that restaurants will continue to have stricter dining room guidelines with raised sanitary and food safety regulations, as well as continued focus on employee safety.

In the upcoming months as restaurants dive deeper into re-opening, those millions of unemployed restaurant workers will again become job seekers. Experts believe cooped up customers will increase restaurant demand when dining rooms open. After cooking at home for months, families will be eager to eat out. The time to prepare for this influx of demand is now as training staff on new guidelines will require time before restaurants fully open.

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