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In Depth: More About RMC

Who is Restaurant Management Careers?

Restaurant Management Careers (RMC) has been connecting quality candidates and recruiters since 1993.

Our team has worked hard to develop a solid reputation for going the extra mile for recruiters and job seekers alike. Our success and focus has allowed RMC to become the largest provider of food and hospitality focused recruiting events in the country.

What services do we offer?
  • Management Career Fairs
  • Open Houses (virtual, phone or in person interviews)
  • Resume Sourcing Packages
  • Job Board Posting Campaigns
  • Resume Database Searches
  • Candidate Sourcing Engagements

What is an Open House or Sourcing Engagement?

An Open House as a job fair organized to meet the needs of a single company. These recruiting events can target multiple positions, including hourly team members, Leads, Chefs, Managers, GMs, above store leaders, etc.

This popular package provides you the flexibility to plan an interview event in any city, on any day, and at the location of your choice. You can interview in-person, by phone, or with a virtual platform. You simply pick the date, time, and location, and then interview the candidates we source, screen and schedule for you.

Our Sourcing Engagement package includes the same candidate sourcing program and screening of candidates as an Open House, but results in a list of interested applicants sourced over a 30 day period so that you can schedule interviews more flexibly over several weeks, instead of the one-day format of an Open House..

RMC will:
  • Customize our sourcing program to target your specific needs and qualifications
  • Create postings on top job boards to drive applicants
  • Send targeted emails promoting your event
  • Utilize text recruiting to connect with more candidates
  • Promote your event on our social media pages
  • Search top resume databases for qualified leads
  • Personally contact candidates to schedule the best matches
  • Follow up with confirmations emails and reminder texts
  • Organize the applicant list or schedule of interview appointments 
  • Provide you with copies of all resumes that we source
Open Houses and Sourcing Engagements are great options for recruiting when:
  • There are unexpected or hard-to-fill openings in an existing market
  • You are opening a brand new store and have many needs
  • For cities where we do not currently host multi-company Career Fairs
  • For when our next Career Fair in this city is not soon enough
View Our Open House Request Form Here

What is a Career Fair and why choose RMC?

A Career Fair is a recruiting event with multiple employers participating at the same time. Our events are uniquely industry focused. We target and attract management talent at all levels from within the service industries -- Restaurant, Hotel and Grocery/Retail. Our focus is on attracting a large pool of experienced candidates including Shift Leaders, Assistant Managers, Chefs, Kitchen Managers, Food & Beverage Leadership, AGMs, Store Managers and District Managers. If you have other openings, let us know and we will target that candidate profile as well.

Plus, unlike those "all industry" job fairs where candidates wander around on their own, RMC Career Fairs are organized with an on-site representative who personally controls the flow of traffic. Our representative will bring one candidate at a time to each employer for a more relaxed, efficient and productive interview process. You can spend as much uninterrupted time with each candidate as you like.

View Our Schedule Of Career Fairs Here

How do I get the most out of my recruiting event?

  • Be sure to share your current needs and specific openings, so that we can seek out candidates with those skills and experience levels.
  • Inform us of your company's current top selling points so we can share that information with candidates that may not have considered your opportunities prior to the recruiting event. These points can include such things as: your benefits package; company growth plans; compensation and/or bonus program; advancement opportunities; work schedule; etc.
  • Review the event resume package in a timely fashion. This package contains the resumes collected from our sourcing program. Many of our long time partners find these collections to be a great source for additional hires.
  • We recommend having 2 recruiting representatives on-site to speed up the interview process.
  • Adjust your interviewing to the flow of the candidates. At our Career Fairs, we will let you know if you have multiple candidates waiting to speak with you. This allows you to shorten an interview if you don't think a candidate has the proper skill set, so you won't miss the opportunity to talk with others that may be a better fit.

At RMC, we are here to help you meet your recruiting goals!

Please feel free to contact Restaurant Management Careers at any time using one of the following options:

Phone - (562) 596-7072
Or use our Contact page here.