CALIFORNIA: Riverside

Position: Location:

is a Doggie Daycare in Riverside that is currently

Dog Trainers
(Closing Shift / Night Shift Preferred)
$15 - $35 / hour*

Dog Groomers
(Closing Shift / Night Shift Preferred)
Minimum $18 / hour* + commission + tips

Dog Daycare Attendants
(Closing Shift / Night Shift Preferred)
$14-$18 / hour*
*Based upon experience.

Full Time and Part Time positions are available.!

NO previous experience necessary!

DOG TRAINER:  We are looking to add another trainer to our awesome team. We have so many parents and puppies interested in training, you’ll definitely get busy quickly. Our training ranges from Puppy Preschool to Advanced Training, like Off-Leash work. Training can either occur at our facility, at a client’s residence, or an off-site (e.g., home depot, park). We have a really cool team and are excited to welcome new members to our family. This position is full-time OR part-time (minimum 16 hours per week). TRAINER Roles and Responsibilities: Training dogs, and care-taking of dogs, Cleaning equipment and shared spaces, feeding dogs and communicating with parents during training session via technology. Requirements: Some previous Dog Trainer experience is preferred.

DOG GROOMER:  This position can be full-time OR part-time. Roles and Responsibilities: Communicating with customers regarding hairstyle preference and dog mannerisms. Brushing out, detangling, and removing matted hairs. Washing and shampooing dogs. Cutting and styling dog's hair. Cleaning the dog's teeth. Cleaning ears. Performing gland expressions. Cleaning up grooming space. Requirements: 2 years of Dog Groomer experience is preferred. Must have your own tools (clippers, blades, scissors, etc.), Must be able to lift at least 35 pounds.

DOG DAYCARE ATTENDANT:  This position is full-time OR part-time (minimum 16 hours per week). NO experience is required! Attendant Roles and Responsibilities: Supervise play areas to ensure pets are playing safe together. Playing with the dogs! Cleaning up after the dogs. Refilling water for the dogs. Feeding the dogs. Managing the dog’s play so it is safe; preventing and breaking up scuffles. Communicating with the team about dog’s behavior. Administering basic medication to dogs (e.g., pills in food, eye drops, ear drops). Inputting records of feeding and medication. Performing body and wellness inspections on the dogs. Escorting dogs to and from daycare and the outside play area. Putting on harnesses and leashes. Cleaning the facility.

- Must be an animal lover and good with dogs, obviously!
- Must be able to lift at least 35 pounds
- Must be able to work in a standing position for long periods of time
- Full Time / Part Time (minimum 16 hours a week)
- Groomers must have previous experience and own tools (clippers, scissors, etc.)

Benefits / Perks:
- Free Dog Daycare and Overnight Stays for your Pup
- Flexible Schedules – Full Time / Part Time opportunities
- Competitive pay based on experience
- Fun and Dog Filled Work Environment!

We would love to hear from you! 

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