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Restaurant Management Job Fairs

Meet with multiple restaurant industry focused candidates face-to-face!

Designed to draw a large pool of restaurant management candidates, our Restaurant Management Career Fairs are hosted in major metropolitan areas across the country. These recruiting events provide candidates with the perfect opportunity to meet and interview one-on-one with recruiters from multiple top restaurant companies in a single location.

Our Job Fairs Include:

  • A Solid Advertising Campaign in the local newspaper´s classified section.
  • Job Postings on Major Job Sites & Niche Job Boards to attract candidates, draw resumes and announce the Career Fairs. These job sites include Monster, HospitalityHRJobs, Craigslist, CareerBuilder and our own site,
  • Direct Mailings & Emails to our extensive database of restaurant management candidates.
  • Personal Phone Calls placed to all qualified candidates that respond to our ads (print & internet) as well those found in a targeted search of the Monster & CareerBuilder databases.
  • A Digital Copy of All Resumes received in response to our ads along with those sourced from the Monster & CareerBuilder databases. Only companies participating in the Career Fair receive these resumes.
  • Unlimited Hires. There is no limit to the number of managers you may hire, all for a single, flat Fair price.
  • A Comfortable Hotel Meeting Room centrally located and easily accessible for candidates.
  • A Company Information Sheet is provided to each candidate as they sign in at the event.
  • Color Logo Signage is provided to identify your company or restaurant concept(s).
  • A Complimentary Snack Box is included to help you keep you energized through the afternoon.
  • A Professional Company Representative at each Job Fair to assist our clients and job seekers to make sure the event is a positive and successful event for all!