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Open House Recruiting Events

Do you have staffing needs that don't quite coincide with the
location or schedule of one of our Job Fairs?

For targeted recruiting, secondary markets, or to recruit on a day and time that better suits your schedule, we are happy to be able to offer our Open House program as a great solution for your needs.

Think of an Open Houses as a mini Career Fair based around a single company. Each Open House is customized to the client's specifications and hosted when and where they choose.

Your Open House Program Is Fully Customizable and Can Include:

  • Ads in Local Newspaper(s) - Two week ad campaign in local paper(s).
  • Job Postings on Monster and/or CareerBuilder designed to attract qualified candidates and draw in resumes.
  • Mass Mailing & Emails sent to candidates in our extensive database.
  • Personal Phone Calls are made to qualified candidates inviting them to interview.  You will receive a schedule of appointments along with a Digital Copy of ALL resumes received and sourced for the event.

All Career Fairs and Open House Events
are posted on our own high-traffic website,,
for the best possible exposure!