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Are you looking for seeking a career with the company you are interviewing with or just an education? Believe it or not, one of the many things recruiters DON'T want to see on a restaurant manager or chef's resume or cover letter (or hear in an interview) is a phrase similar to, "I want to open up my own restaurant some day."

This is generally interpreted as, "I plan to leave your restaurant company as soon as I feel I have learned enough." Not a very good selling point for getting a job interview!

As a ball park figure, it costs a national full service restaurant chain $20,000 to $35,000 in recruiting, training and development costs per manager hired to get them to the point where they are considered fully productive. This is not money a restaurant company wants to waste on someone just looking to learn and move on.

When posting your resume online, use your resume title as a "Promotional Headline" to help market yourself. The title should catch the recruiter's eye and move them to action -- i.e. click on and read your resume.

Instead of something (boring) like "Bob's Resume", be creative and use something like, "GREAT Restaurant Manager w/ Xlnt People Skills" or "Experienced, Hands On Leader". (Update: Please don't use these exact examples as we have already seen 2 resumes that are using them.)

Sample/Example Restaurant Management Resume. Below is a link to a BASIC example resume using a Chronological format (work experience is shown by date, most recent to oldest). There are MANY other resume formats and variations that can be used, but the Chronological format tends to be the one most commonly used by Managers in the Hospitality & Restaurant Industries.

Example/Sample Restaurant Manager Resume (To download, right click & choose, "Save Target As".)

Keep in mind this is just one example of a management resume and there is NO perfect/correct format that every manager should use. Resumes are a personal choice, use the format YOU think best showcases you management skills, accomplishments and experience. Feel free to use whichever format/style you like!

Need advice on what to expect at your interviews? Now that you are on your way to writing a great resume that will highlight your accomplishments and job skill-set, check out our Restaurant Management Interview Tips & Advice page for suggestions and ideas on acing your job interview.

VERY IMPORTANT RESUME TIP --->>> Once you have found a new job, please REMOVE your resume from the job board(s) where it is posted!

We -- and hundreds of restaurant companies & recruiters across the country -- search the resume databases of,, and many other job boards everyday looking for qualified candidates.

At least 15-25 times a day we end up calling candidates that have already found new employment but still have their resume listed as "active". (Many of these same people will then seem to be annoyed by our call.)

Along with the above, if you're resume is still posted, your new employer may come across it at a later date and think you are once again looking for a new position. This could result in the loss of your job because they believe you are once again looking for a new position and no longer have a commitment to the company.

And we saved our best resume tip for last - SEND US YOUR RESUME TODAY! we can keep you updated on job opportunities for Restaurant Managers in your area!

More Restaurant Management Resume Tips, Advice & Suggestions to come...