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Resume Tips & Advice

Resume Tips, Advice & Suggestions

We review thousands of resumes each year. There is no perfect resume format, but we do have some tips to share.

All resumes should contain your name, contact information, job tiles, employment dates and brief information from each position. Sell yourself! Your goal is to motivate the recruiter to pick up the phone and call you for an interview. Consider your resume a 30 second commercial. It should be personalized but not complicated. If you want to stand out in the crowd, save your long story for the interview and just provide the highlights of your restaurant management career on your resume.

Keep your resume to 1-2 pages and highlight accomplishments that you are most proud of such as: managing a large number of people or a high volume of sales; increasing sales; decreasing food costs; improving labor; a solid history of increased responsibility or promotions; or anything else that demonstrates your talents as a Restaurant Manager.


ABC Restaurant - Gotham City, USA
Assistant Manager
10/2014 – 10/2018

Responsible for managing a high volume, 1.8 million dollar Quick Service restaurant with a staff of 38 hourly employees.

  • Reduced labor cost by 2 points while reducing staff turnover by 50%.
  • Promoted from Supervisor to Assistant Manager within 3 months of training.

Be prepared to explain everything on your resume in more detail during an interview. You will likely be asked how you accomplished the details you have listed.

Unless requested, do not send additional documents when applying for a job. ServSafe certificates, awards, menus, discharge papers, letters of recommendation, news articles, etc. should be kept until an in-person interview.

Make sure you include all your contact information and be sure to have someone double check it for you. We receive several resumes a day with wrong phone numbers and even more that do not include at least a city/state.

Never include your social security number, driver's license number, birth date, military ID information, or religious affiliation.

It seems silly to have to say this, but be sure to spell check your resume. By the final draft, we have often read our resume so many times that we are skimming and do not notice typos. Typos are a red-flag to employers as it implies that you do not pay attention to detail.

Do not send pictures or screenshots of your resume. If you don't have Microsoft Office or Word, an excellent free option is the OpenOffice Suite. This is compatible with Word and most recruiters are able to open resumes from this program. We recommend sending your resume in a PDF format, but if not possible you can simply type your resume into a blank email and send it that way.

Use a professional email address. If your email contains inappropriate language or numbers it shows a serious lack of professionalism. If needed, create a new email address just for your job search. Keep it simple like firstname.lastname99@gmail.com, or lastname.jobsearch@yahoo.com.

Sample Resume / Example Resume:

Below is a link to a basic example resume using a preferred resume format:

View Sample Resume Download Sample Resume

Keep in mind this is just one example of a management resume format and there is no right or wrong format. Resumes are a personal choice, use the format you think best showcases you management skills, accomplishments and experience.

Our final tip:

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