Client Testimonials

"We have three candidates that we are moving through the process. We are reviewing other resumes as well. Thanks!"
Laura M.
BJ’s Restaurants, Inc.

"Yesterday went really well! We have Job offered one candidate and have a few others in consideration. Really great work!"
Nicki K.
Whataburger, LLC. 

"The Open House was a success! We have 5 great managers that we are moving forward with. Thank you!"
Paola R.
Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful support. The event was a huge success! We left with 6 solid candidates that will be moving forward."
Jennifer M.
Qdoba Mexican Eats

"This was a very successful project.We will be making 4 offers from the attendees and I still have more resumes to go through."
Jean L.
Buffalo Wild Wings

"The Open House went really well. We are moving forward with 2 GMs, a KM and a DM. Thank you!"
Nick M.
Luna Grill Restaurants

"The open house was a huge success!!! Five candidates are moving on to step two and three are moving to step three."
Melissa B.
Taco Bell & Pizza Hut

"Really great turnout and some super sharp candidates. I appreciate your partnership. Hopefully we will get 4 hires to fill all of the openings."
Jane W.
Chili’s Grill & Bar

We handle the advertising, candidate sourcing, screening, scheduling, and confirmations. You pick the date, time and location and simply arrive to interview scheduled management candidates.